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Welcome to the Slow Living and thank you for checking out my “about me” section!

My name is Marta, I am an Italian girl living in London. I have opened this blog after a need of learning how to make conscious choices to switch to a sustainable lifestyle.

The Slow Living provides eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to apply to your every day life.

By adopting a Slow Living’s philosophy you can start making conscious living choices. Our actions start from everyday small challenges, but the aim is to turn this philosophy in a long-term sustainable living strategy.

With the Slow Living blog I am to provide you with tips and natural solutions drawn from my own experiences, and help you switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

What are The Slow Living core values?


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Sustainable. Light. Organic. Wasteless

Slow Living does not mean leading a time-consuming and less efficient life. As opposed to Fast Living, adopting a Slow Living’s philosophy means making conscious daily living choices.

Sustainable: buy products that do not have an impact on the environment or our health
Light: less is best: choose quality over quantity
Organic: choose non-toxic and not processed food and products
Wasteless: Switch to a zero waste routine

Why I started The Slow Living

Until a few years ago, I used simply buy for “convenience”. I would not really pay any attention or think about the environmental or personal health impact that the products I was introducing in my life had.

It all started back in 2013 when I moved to London with my boyfriend Jack and my cat Pepe. Having just moved to a new apartment, I started realizing how wasteful and careless my daily choices were.

It all started from the kitchen. I remember I always had this feeling that I was buying too much food of what was actually needed. Countless plastic bags and packages kept piling up in my kitchen cabinets making me feel helpless and frustrated. I was gutted by the lack of sustainability that a simple task as grocery shopping had.

I had such a hard time finding anything that was not easily reachable, I would keep buying more of the same stuff. This is when I decided to buy a set of glass jars to monitor my kitchen’s stock level. I completely emptied my kitchen cabinets, unwrapped all the plastic bags and various containers, and filled the jars. My kitchen was completely flooded with plastic and unnecessary packaging. I literally had to fill 4 big recycling bags just to get rid of all this packaging.

The “light-bulb moment” happened.

Why do we need to have our life controlled by unnecessary packaging? Is all this plastic somewhat harmful to our health? Are there a better storage solutions to reduce the production of waste? How can I find solutions to avoid jeopardizing my health?

I started thinking about how my daily choices where affecting my life.

A plastic food container warped by the microwave heat.
Scalp and hair completely “dried out” by chemical shampoos.
Skin rushes after washing up my clothes with commercial laundry detergent.
My cat getting addicted to canned pet food.

The Slow Living Solution

In the Slow Living Blog you will find tips and solutions to apply to your lifestyle based on this philosophy. From going zero waste, to adopting eco-friendly and non toxic cleaning solutions you can make conscious choices to improve your lifestyle.

I cannot express how greatly this philosophy improved my lifestyle, and I hope it will benefit you too!

Ready to embrace the Slow Living philosophy? Start Here.


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Happy Slow Living!

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About The Slow Living

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