Cleaning is essential to keep our homes neat and shiny, but commercial cleaning products are often very expensive, are usually made with very aggressive chemical formulas which are too harmful to our skin and health, and are stored using wasteful disposable packaging.

Commercial cleaning products can also be dangerous if you have babies around the house because they often feature very bright colours such as bright pink and blue that can attract small children. My own mom always reminds me of when she found me holding a huge pink alcohol bottle, probably thinking it was some sort of strawberry juice! Needless to say, she caught me just on time ūüôā

The solution is simple: prepare your own cleaning products to control what the product mixture is made of, to save money, and to protect your little ones.

If you want to find out how to prepare your own home-made cleaning products, check out my post here.

Use Amber or Cobalt Spray Bottles to Protect your Products from Harmful UV Rays

Amber and Cobalt Spray Bottles make it at the top of our list because of their colour. Cleaning products, especially if containing essential oils, must be protected from UV light that can diminish their properties over time. A dark Amber and Cobalt Blue are just what it’s needed to shield your cleaning product’s properties from¬†UV rays.

Use a 16 oz Amber to store cleaning supplies with larger amounts of liquid, such as an all-purpose cleaner. The 1790’s 16 Oz Amber Spray Glass Bottle comes in a set of 4, and it includes also labels so you can add the product description.¬†Check out the price and product description on Amazon.

I usually keep my products distinguished not only using labels, but also storing product categories in differently colored bottles. For example, I use a amber glass bottle to store all-purpose cleaner, while I use a cobalt one for my home-made surface disinfectant.

Important: some of these bottles have a single spraying option, which it’s not ideal if you need to clean areas where you would need different spray stream setting. For instance, if you are cleaning in between door hinges, you may want to get a bottle which reduces its spray stream to a strong and narrow one. Remember to check the instructions or with the supplier before buying! That being said, the Europa Essentials Set of Glass Spray Bottles, which offers a nice value package of 3 bottles, Cobalt Blue, Dark Amber and White, and features an adjustable sprayer.¬†Check out the price and product description on Amazon.¬† Please note: this product¬†comes with handy chalk labels but it does not come with a chalk pen, which you can also get separately by purchasing a¬†label and chalk pen kit ( I personally tried the Thunder labels and chalk pen kit and love it).

Bonus tip: If you would like a little help with getting started with making your own cleaning products, Cleaning Essentials offers a whole range of Glass Spray Bottles which come with handy recipes and instructions on the body of the bottle.

Cleaning Essentials 3 pack DYI kit
Single 16 oz. Blue Glass Spray Bottle for DIY Cleaning 

 Use an Empty Clear Glass Spray Bottle for Water-based Solutions

A Clear Glass Bottle is perfect for storing cleaning products which do not have any essential oils that need to be protected from the sunlight, or in case you are planning to store the bottle in a dark space. I personally use a clear glass spray bottles to store my Water & Lemon microwave cleaning spray (you can check out the recipe here).Lemon Water and Vinegar Cleaning

Sally’s Organics¬†Empty Clear Glass Spray Bottles¬†makes it again at the top of our list for the sturdiness of the glass, as well as for providing stream & mist settings and stick on labels, as well as caps in case you want to store the product and remove the spray nozzle.

Freshen up your Bed Linen with a 2 oz Misting bottle

A 2 oz spray bottle is an excellent option for spraying your home-made refreshing linen spray, and obtain a nice small mist cloud. Keep these small bottles on your bedside table, and simply spray a bit after you wake-up, when the bed is still undone. To find out more about how to prepare prepare your home-made vanilla linen spray and how to apply it, check out my article here.

I use 2 oz Spray Bottles to get a nice refreshing scent to my bed linen after a night’s sleep, mixing it up with essential oils. If you want to make your own Linen Refreshing Spray Mist check out my post here.¬†Juvitus offers a nice package of 2 oz cobalt blu glass bottles including a little funnel for pouring the product in the bottle, and labels:¬†8oz Cobalt Blue Empty Spray Bottles with Fine Mist Atomizer Caps (6-pack).¬†

Aluminum spray bottles are also a good option for keeping any essential oils you mix in, plus, they keep the refreshing mixture at the correct temperature. I got mine from Simple Earth on Amazon.

Use Squeezable Bottles for Storing Creamy Cleaning Solutions

You may need to clean some surfaces (for example your toilet or bathtub) using more creamy textures, and in this case, you would need a squeeze bottle.  Most of the Squeeze bottles available on the market are actually made to store and squeeze sauces and creams, but they can be similarly used to store and squeeze your home-made cleaning cream.

Squeeze Bottle 16 oz 

2 Pack Refillable 16 Ounce HDPE Squeeze Bottles With BOTH Press Disc Caps And Flip Up Spout Caps

 A Simple Pump Dispensers Can be Used to Store your Dishwashing Liquid

Soap Dispenser Pump
Soap Dispenser with Pump

Dishwashing liquids can be stored in a glass or marble pump soap dispenser. If you are planning to buy a glass one, I would recommend it in cobalt blue or amber, just in case you will add any essential oils to your mixture (our Home-Made Dishwashing Liquid recipe can be found here).

My top picks for Liquid Pump Glass Dispensers:

16 Oz Cobalt Blue Glass Boston Round Bottles w/ Black Lotion Pump Dispenser by Cornucopia Brands 

Clear Dish Soap Dispenser with Charcoal Labels by Homey Cluster

Stainless Steel Mason Jar Soap Pump by Premium Home Quality

If you are not too keen on making your own soap or dish washer soap at home, you can also bring a glass jar to your local refill station. Learn more about refill stations here.

Use a Glass Hermetic Jar for your Home-Made All-Natural Scouring Powder

A good, old Hermetic Jar is really an ever-green that can be used across multiple areas: from food storage to beauty & jewellery containers and of course, to all-natural cleaning. My all time favourite is Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Jar, which comes in a set of 6.

I would recommend a shallow hermetic jar because you won’t need too much product; to make it easy for you to grab the amount you need, simply use a stainless steel mixing spoon.

Home Made Natural Scouring Powder Shallow Hermetic Glass Jar
Store your home-made natural scouring powder in a shallow hermetic glass jar

Get a Home-Made Detergent Powder Tin to Store Bigger Quantities

I usually use a bigger storage tin to store any home-made detergent powder. In fact, I tend to make detergent in big quantities so it lasts longer, or I buy it in bulk.  Check out my post with a selection of eco-friendly soap nuts laundry detergents here.

La Jolie Muse offers a really cool tin which I bought off of Amazon. It comes with its own scoop and 4 free mesh bags: Laundry Detergent Powder Storage Tin.

Use a Tin Jar for Wood Coating Waxes

If you need to store soft materials such as wax to polish or coat wooden furniture or table tops, I recommend using a tin jar as it will keep the wax fresh for longer. A tin jar is also a good option to avoid that any chemicals will leach from the plastic container into the wax.

2 oz, Round Glass Jars

Tin Cans by Toucan Craft Supplies

A shallow tin jar will also make it easy for you to grab the portion of product you need by scooping in using your hands covered by a eco-friendly sponge. I use Skoy scrub and Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth, which are made out of  a mix of natural cotton and wood cellulose (Source: Skoy Cloth,


Happy Eco-Friendly Cleaning!

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